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Our Services


Personal Leadership Development

Our focus is on the development of an individual to reach their potential and contribute to organisational growth. Our firm belief is that every person has the ability to lead in whatever area they operate, and all they need is the willingness to change, hence we subscribe to the Intentional Change Theory of leadership development.

Here are some of the services we offer in this field.

• Personal Leadership Development Seminars
• Motivational Sessions/Talks
• Keynote Speaker
• Coaching & Mentoring
• Strategic Decision-Making


Strategy Development & Execution

Strategy is the backbone of any organisation or initiative, and this is our speciality. We assist organisations with the process of developing the strategy as well as its execution as well as alignment of processes.

• Facilitate Strategic Planning Sessions
• Development of Strategic Plans
• Strategic Alignment & Execution
• Development of Operational Plans or Annual Performance Plans 


Change Management & Negotiations

Our view is that thriving organisations are those that are able to adapt to and embrace change. We assist the organisation in the process of conceptualising their change initiatives all the way to the execution of the change initiative.

In this area we assist our clients with the following:

• Identifying the Change initiative
• Undertake the Change Management process
• Managing Negotiations 


Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

High performing organisations are those that undertake continuous monitoring and evaluation processes. We are of the firm view that a continuous assessment of the performance of your programmes is key in determining success. We assist organisations to embrace the notion of 'going forward looking backwards' in order to ensure that they learn from their current and past programmes so as to ensure better implementation of future ones.
In this area we provide the following services:

• Development of M&E Policies, Frameworks & Guidelines
• Development of M&E Systems
• Conduct M&E Studies
• Facilitate M&E Workshops and Seminars 


Environmental Management

Given the evolving legislation on environmental management, most organizations always need the necessary support and expertise to help them comply for the benefit of future generations.

In this area Nondzaba Consulting provides the following services:

• Environmental Impact Assessments
• Integrated Waste Management
• Conservation Management Services 

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